Month: April 2018

Sickle Cell Groups, Pfizer Work to bring Black Americans Into Clinical Trials

27 Apr 2018
It’s been nearly half a century since the end of Alabama’s Tuskegee experiment, the infamous 40-year study in which the U.S. government intentionally gave 399 syphilis-infected black men useless placebos...

National Minority Quality Forum Joins NIH in Launching the All of Us Research Program to Advance Precision Medicine

27 Apr 2018
On May 6, the National Institutes of Health will open national enrollment for the All of Us Research Program in collaboration with the National Minority Quality Forum and other partners....

Contact Your Senators re: Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Act, HR 2410, Senate Companion Bill

27 Apr 2018
Legislative Victories For The Sickle Cell Community Last month, the sickle cell community celebrated with the announcement of two legislative victories in Congress. First, the U.S. House of Representatives passed...